Zippy Ice - A Local, Woman Owned Business.

Our CEO, Christine Mackie in an interview with MSNBC.

Text or Call         980-355-9851          to order ice.

Zippy Ice was started as the first woman owned ice company in North Carolina in 2007 by Christine and Howard Mackie. Zippy Ice placed the first Twice the Ice Machine in Charlotte followed by 5 other ice vending machines. After being approached by numerous convenience stores about providing wholesale ice and realizing the value of food safety, we saw the need to build a plant and shut down the non-inspected ice vending machines. We currently service thousands of convenience store locations, numerous restaurants, grocery stores, and think outside of the box to accommodate your event.

In 2016, Zippy Ice purchased Home Ice Company in Rock Hill, SC and in 2019, purchased Hobbs Ice. In 2019, we constructed a new, larger plant located at 5701 North Graham Street where we now operate and distribute from. This move from our former plant represented a massive growth in our ability to produce high quality packaged ice and better serve our customers.