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Zippy Ice - A Local, Woman Owned Business.
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Our Services Include:
•   Wholesale Ice Service
•   Snow Party Service
•   Restaurant Ice Service
•   Ice For Special Events
•   Emergency Ice Service
•   Commercial Ice Makers
•   Ice Machine Repair
    & Cleaning Services

Zippy Ice was started as the first woman owned Ice vending only company in North Carolina in 2007 by Christine Mackie. Zippy Ice placed the first Twice the Ice Machine in Charlotte. 

After being approached by numerous
convenience stores about providing wholesale ice, we saw the need to add a small plant, and shut down the vending machines. We currently service around 200 wholesale convenience store locations, numerous restaurants, grocery, and think outside of the box to accommodate your event.

We have the absolute best service and prices with no ordering cut-off times.  We operate extremely efficiently with a handful of employees but service you as though we have hundreds! We are happy to help on a temporary basis if your ice maker breaks down or if your ice maker can't keep up on a frequent basis. Give us a call!