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Commercial Ice Machines - Sales & Service
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Our Services Include:
•   Wholesale Ice Service
•   Snow Party Service
•   Restaurant Ice Service
•   Ice For Special Events
•   Commercial Ice Makers
•   Ice Machine Repair
    & Cleaning Services

Zippy Ice is a local distributor of Kold-Draft and Maxx Ice commercial ice machines.  These ice machines are ideal for use in restaurants, commercial kitchens, or any commercial facility that requires ice.

Ice machines come in several sizes depending on the level of your ice production needs. 

We Provide These Ice Machine Services:
  Ice Machine Repair & Maintenance
  Ice Machine Cleaning - We clean and
   sanitize your machine to Health Dept.
  Replacement Ice Services - We fill your
   ice machine after servicing it or in the
   event of a breakdown.

Zippy Ice is your full-service ice and ice machine company.