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Commercial Ice Machines - Sales & Service
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Our Services Include:
•   Wholesale Ice Service
•   Snow Party Service
•   Restaurant Ice Service
•   Ice For Special Events
•   Commercial Ice Makers
•   Ice Machine Repair
    & Cleaning Services

Zippy Ice is a local distributor of Kold-Draft commercial ice machines.  These ice machines are ideal for use in restaurants, commercial kitchens, or any commercial facility that requires ice.

Kold-Draft ice machines come in several sizes depending on the level of your ice production needs. 

We Provide These Ice Machine Services:
  Ice Machine Repair & Maintenance
  Ice Machine Cleaning - We clean and
   sanitize your machine to Health Dept.
  Replacement Ice Services - We fill your
   ice machine after servicing it or in the
   event of a breakdown.

Zippy Ice is your full-service ice and ice machine company.