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-It was a pleasure working with you and your team at this year’s WellsFargo Championship.  Your team proved very attentive and was quick to respond to any needs.  This was a huge plus in our eyes as it was vital your team be responsive and quick to deliver ice when needed as locations exhausted inventory.  The hot weather during that week increased our usage by extreme amounts, but Zippy Ice was able to accommodate and maintain all locations adequately.In all, thank you for your hard work and dedication throughout our event.  You played a major role in our overall success.

Jeff- Levy Restaurants

-Thank you for being so accommodating these past few weeks and
 for pulling out all the stops for us. We try to stay local whenever we can and you have shown exactly why.

Randy,a DNC vendor

-The day before a fundraiser event to raise money for a 3-year old little girl who was severely abused we realized the large amount of ice we were going to need & how the expense was going to cut into our profits for this great cause. At 6pm we immediately began to google ice in Charlotte & after calling a couple of locations & getting no answer we called Zippy Ice & got Christine, the owner, & after explaining our cause she did not hesitate to offer us all of the ice in the cooler at her distribution center free of charge. Wow, I was expecting maybe a discount or small donation, it ended up being about 300 LBS. OF ICE...and we used just about all of it. I now look for ZIPPY ice when we need to purchase because we now know the heart behind the business.  THANK YOU CHRISTINE FOR HELPING US BLESS THIS PRECIOUS LITTLE GIRL & HER FAMILY.

Crown Point Covenant Church 

-I would like to thank you for the EXCELLENT SERVICE that you provided to us during this emergency situation!. It is a rare and very noticeable event when we receive such prompt and friendly service for such a small piece of business. It was very much appreciated here by all.

Jeff Rodgers,Director of Support Services at Anson Community Hospital, Carolinas HealthCare System

-Your company is amazing, by the way. I’ve never had such great service from an ice company…or really a vendor in general. Thanks for all you do! 


Ashleigh Ellis, Office Manager Kings Point Marina

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help with the brewers festival, you guys are awesome as always.

Jeff Fissel, Executive Director, Rural Hill